Delivery of DOT Approved RCA

Wallace Trucking Company NJOur delivery service has gotten us where we are today. That is the key to growing in the material business. The customer has multiple employees and operators waiting on job sites for a material to be delivered and many times left with disappointment due to unreliable vendors.

Wallace Trucking will reschedule and recoordinate the trucks to accommodate customers’ needs by prioritizing and figuring out what is the most logistical way to route the trucks and perform the deliveries.

It’s SIMPLE: Excellent Quality, Excellent Price, & Untouchable Service = REPEAT BUSINESS and the development of Mutually Beneficial Relationships!

DOT APPROVED RCA: Meets gradation requirements of NY or NJ consists of crushed concrete which is made from sand and stone. The RCA is a 3/4 inch minus item material, which is used for road and patio bases and all aspects of masonry.

DOT approved RCA delivery to:

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